Why Asbestos Should Be An Important Element To Consider In Any Home Renovation Project

Plenty of property owners will get very excited with the chance of renovating their homes. They’ve many plans of how to help improve and beautify their property that may include knocking down and replacing some old walls, patios and fences with new ones.

However, before beginning work on your home renovation project, you may want to consider an essential question: was your home built sometime involving the 1940s and 1980s? If yes, you might want to stop your immediate home renovation project plans and have your home tested for the current presence of asbestos first.

Asbestos was a highly popular component in various construction supplies used in various house and building projects developed between 1940 and 1980. This was used as an additional ingredient since it was strong, multifunctional, a successful fire-retardant and it had been cheap. As such, they were included with various construction supplies such as the plaster board sheeting, roofing materials and even on the fence.

Listed here are a number of the rooms, areas or areas of your property, and even outside it, where asbestos may be present:

• Your walls, especially when they are constructed with plaster board and cement fibro sheeting.

• Ceilings

• The eaves of your property

• Within your cupboards

• As part of your home’s ducting system

• Pipes

• Your fuse box

• Felts, shingles and sidings

• Garden sheds

• Fences

Whenever you accidentally knock down any of these asbestos-laden areas or parts, you could inhale the dangerous chemical or fibers. A number of the grave health risks associated with inhaling asbestos fibers include lung cancer, asbestosis, mesothelioma, pleural plaque and pleural thickening. Every one of these diseases are serious and can even be deadly.

In the event that you still plan to renovate your property that has been constructed sometime between the 1940s and 1980s, you have to have it professionally checked to ascertain the areas where there are high levels of asbestos concentration. You’ll need to look for and hire a reliable, highly trained and licensed asbestos removalist to assist you in doing this. The asbestos expert can take samples of any materials within your house or garden that would be suspicious and test them. When the results or asbestos levels are too much, you is likely to be advised to obtain help from trained and qualified experts to have these materials or items safely taken from your property. In removing these asbestos-laden materials, the mandatory equipment, tools and even PPEs are necessary so the handlers won’t accidentally inhale or touch these items.

There is nothing wrong with improving or renovating your home. But just just as in any endeavor, it pays to complete everything you can to make sure that this undertaking is going to be safe and no accident or harm can happen for you and other people before and throughout the renovation project.

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